HOW TO: Christmas Shopping While Saving Time and Money

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I love Christmas, if you didn't notice that from my posts. 

Christmas is fun, but it can also be very stressful. All those Christmas cards and gifts you have to buy and mail. I feel all of you on that one, but I created a solution for that. I remember couple of years ago I decided to go Black Friday shopping for Christmas Gifts, oh man that was the worst thing I ever decided to do. I was so pissed and hungry, I didn't leave I ran away. NEVER AGAIN. The TIPS below will not only make your life easy it will make your wallet thank you later!



*Shop all year round, chances are you will get the best deals and the most useful things.
*Shop off season, after Christmas, winter, spring, summer, fall. Get it?
*Shop Semi-Annual Sale, usually it happens twice a year, check stores like Victoria's Secret, Bed and Body Works...etc.
*Buy greedings card in adnvance and buy at dollar store, they are cheap and usually the best looking ones. I find the best cards at the dollar store all the time.
*Set aside money to buy gifts. If you on a budget and cant spend money at ones, set aside money and buy though the year.
*Write out a list of eceryones name and check box. Another thing I do is I brainstorm what they need or hear them say what they want and need. I have my list all year round. Crazy ha? nope, SMART
*Shop on full stomach and bring your own water and luch. YOU NEED TO STAY HIDRATED 
*Keep all recepts for the next 3 months
*Ask about Holiday store return policy
*DONT BUY JUNK- buy something small and usefull for someone not a junk that they will re-gift or donate or throw away
*Write out in your cards, write your feelings out, the person will appriciate it
*Buy gift wrapping paper after Christmas, try Target or Wallmart, they are dirt cheap. Especailly they will be torn apart and in the garbage. 
*Compare prices online
*Shop through Ebates. All those % will add up and in 3 months you will be a nice big check of refund. 

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Great how to guide to keep the Christmas shopping low key and hassle free!! :)

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