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Influenster- College VoxBox 2012 REVIEW

11:33 AM Katherine H 2 Comments

Photobucket     I bet a lot of you heard of this new company called Influenster. It send people FREE stuff to try in exchange for review! Oh Boy, I though that it was a lie. But nooooo, its a legit thing! You can try for yourself, just click HERE and sign up. Right away you can start participating in reviews and surveys.
 About a month ago, i got a chance to recieve the "College VoxBox 2012" and what I got was awersome.
I didn't like every item, but its great to be able to try something for free and if you don't like it then its all good, because you didn't pay for it. It's also good for bloggers and Youtubers to try these kind of products since we do reviews and able to share our opinion with others! 


Impress Nails- Was not able to use them because they didnt fit my nail bed. I gave them to my friend, she said she liked them. They lasted her 4 days.
Energy Sheets- It's okay, I didnt liek that they stick to my toung, but I liked the fact they have 8 vitamins. Easy to put in your purse.
RSVP Pen- OMG I was just going to purchase this pen, because its trully my favorite pen in the whole wide world! It writes so smooth and so fine! I went to Staples and purchased more colors!
NYC Glitter Pencil- Have not tried yet, will try probably for New Years.
Tropical Candy- Aghh, not a huge fan, they are tooo hard, but good to put in your mouth when you have nothing. 


Thank you so much Influenster for giving me the opportunity to try these products!!!

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miss donna said...

i've seen quite a few bloggers tweet about Influenster.

did the energy strips give you energy?! and i'm always on the hunt for a good, smooth pen.

@ miss donna cant really day they gave me energy but they are minty and mint always give you little boost