Motivation: Re-evaluate your thoughts

10:23 AM Katherine H 0 Comments

I LOVE this Quote!


It seems easy to understand and there is no need to think about it. Well, I don't agree with that. I took few minutes and thought about this quote deeper. It made me realize that everyone that I had met and will meet have something to teach me about happiness, love, success, and LIFE in general. Now, the teachings wont be all positive, negative experiences with people also teach us a HUGE amount of things. 

Being a positive person I tend to shut the negativity down, but it keeps cumming back. Its important to re-evaluate that negative experience and learn from it. This will protect your future, you will be less likely to face that negative experience again.

Don't stress about people who left you, think of all the good things you had, all the bad things you will learn from, and all the great things you will have not having that person in your life. Stressing over that person is not worth it. 


Take every experience you have and make the best of it, its hard but you can do it. Its for your own good!

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