Some time after...

As I am typing this post all i hear from my window is wind and wet snow on the ground as cars passing by. YEP, its snowing. Better yet its a BLIZZARD called "NEMO". I wonder why they names it that way! When I think of NEMO, I think of the light blue water in the Bahamas.

I am sorry for lack of posts, but life is busy and of course blogging is not my LIFE! Its a hobby. I wish I can sit home and just blog daily. Not to worry ladies and gents, If am not blogging I am most definitely InstagramING. You can find me HERE. 

Anyway, since I have been busy doing million things in a day with out enough hours all I've been feeling is sucks! Its really hard to follow a HEALTHY lifestyle when there is not time for any kind of cooking and eating. I am just exhausted by the end of the day. 



All I want to do is get in bed and sleeeeep!
But this is what happens when i get in bed and I cant stop thinking about everything i have to do tomorrow!



I hope all of you are having a great start to the weekend. Be safe to everyone affected by "NEMO" :)

If there is a lot of snow, I will take my money to run around in it. I know she has been waiting for it! I was going to include a picture on myself and my little money, but I realized i forgot my camera at moms house, next post. 

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