Nemo Blizzard Fun

11:43 AM Katherine H 0 Comments

I went to sleep last night around 12AM and outside the Blizzard was in full effect. This morning I woke up at 8AM and was so excited to go outside and run around in the snow with Keyla. We Had so much fun, this is her her first Blizzard! It was perfect weather, not to windy. We got a chance to run in the snow and i cant describe how much fun we had!

In my last post I told you guys that i forgot my camera at moms house, so i had to take my old phone and use its camera. What do you know, after few pictures the memory card was full! Aghhhh. I did get some nice pictures.

I love taking pictures and videos, its a forever memory!
Look at all that snow balls in Keyla's feet. 
    photo 6f3a8266-8865-4b59-8155-13bdf0912d4d_zps32267d55.jpg

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