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How To Curl Your Hair With Hot Rollers

8:40 AM Katherine H 0 Comments

Oh yes, its been a while,

Like I always say, I am one busy bee. I am so tired emotionally that I believe it best not to blog, then blog with out a purpose, just to blog. Anyway, I am getting back to blogging, hard core soon. I have blog and videos ideas lined up. If you lost hope, don't let it go, I WILL BE BACK!

Anyway, in this video I will show you a new (well they not new, but they are new in my life) hot rollers. I don't have a preference on which hair tools I use as long as they work and give me what I need. I had tried Remington hot rollers with the pink clip and they are not working well for me nor my mom (hi ma). So as any other social media lover would do, I youtube a lot of videos to see the best curlers and the results it gives. CONAIR WON!

See for yourself below. I do want to say that if you want your hair to look great when its curls (by any curling tool) its best if you have layers in your hair!

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