HOW TO: Taking Care Of Flowers

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Hey Sugar Plums,

As I am typing this post, I am looking out the window and it;s CALM before the storm. The sky is gloomy and its windy!

As long as I can remember we always gifted flowers to family members on B-Day's or any other special occasions! During summer time, we always have flowers one or two vases full of gorgeous flowers! In my view flowers just add that special touch to the home. I grew up having flowers most of the time throughout the whole year!

I learned many different secrets about flowers, planing and taking care of it from my mommy, grandmother, and cousin. These secrets do work and I am so grateful that I know them and I can share them with you.


 photo IMG_9704_zpsec0d731d.jpg

 photo IMG_9700_zps921a73a6.jpg photo IMG_9712_zps44a2a91b.jpg

I change the water in the vase every 3 days or so.
I spray daily regular water to keep flowers hydrated, it keeps them stay fresh and beautiful longer. You can get the spay bottle anywhere, Wall mart, Michael's, Target...etc.

 photo IMG_9702_zps52b471f1.jpg

 photo IMG_9705_zps2212b653.jpg

 photo IMG_9708_zps40d26d25.jpg

 photo IMG_9711_zpsae726c53.jpg

I never asked why ice is important for ROSES, but I always put it in the vase daily!

 photo IMG_9713_zps73466dd1.jpg

 photo IMG_9729_zpsd7d7ea6f.jpg

 photo IMG_9715_zps7283f67c.jpg

 photo IMG_9716_zps30a22522.jpg

 photo IMG_9718_zps16906f37.jpg

 photo IMG_9720-1_zps4b9723fb.jpg

 photo IMG_9723_zpsc3d9d6b4.jpg

I cut once a week the stems each time shorter and shorter which rejuvenates and helps the flower stems observe the water they are in much better! 

 photo IMG_9725_zps743f6302.jpg

I hope you guys found this useful and till next post!

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aka Bailey said...

I love these tips! I've never heard the one about ice cubes - is that just for roses? Because I'd heard that room temperature water is best for watering plants, but maybe it's different for roses? Beautiful pics :)


rebeccajh said...

These are great! I didnt know these tips and I buy fresh flowers all the time. They aren't cheap so any way to make them live longer is great! Thanks doll!