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Plus White Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Teeth Whitening is NOT As Simple As You Think.

I’ve always wanted white teeth, I’ve tried different methods to white teeth instead of buying special bleach products FAILED. So I read a lot of review on this Plus White Teeth Whitening kit. A lot of people said its good and it worked for them, well that wasn’t the case for me! I used the whole toothpaste and it did brightened up my teeth just a little.

By no mean I am saying that this product doesn’t work, I am just saying that it doesn’t work on all types of teeth! If you in situation like me and your teeth are hard to whiten, I don’t suggest you purchasing this product until you use a product that going to whiten your teeth well, and use Plus White Teeth Whitening to just maintain your teeth for cheap.

TIP: Each and every time I brush my teeth I add little bit of baking soda for faster teen whitening.
Site Claims:

• Cheap
• You can find it at almost every drug store
• Will work if your teeth are little yellow
• If you just got the whitened this will help you maintain them white for long time if you use it ones daily.

• Won’t work on teeth that are too yellow
• Can be uncomfortable to use
• Have to wait over 15 minutes before it begins to work
• You have to keep using this product, if you stop your teeth will get yellow fast

Price: $7 USDA (You can print a $2off on the website if you buying a kit, $1off just the toothpaste)
Will Purchase Again? Yes, I will ones I find a product that really whites my teeth. I will use Plus White Teeth Whitening Kit just to keep my teeth brighter.

My Opinion: Teeth whitening can get ohh so expensive and for some reason I do believe in this product will work ones my teeth are little more whiter. (Thanks mom) Since I’ve seen difference within 3 days of use, using it twice a day for 30 minutes each. I know this post is sort of confusing and it seems that I can’t make up my mind if I like this product or not, but its hard to explain. I did the best I could explaining this product. If you guys have additional questions that I didn’t touch on, feel free to e-mail me and ill reply to you.

To purchase
- Plus White Teeth Whitening Kit click HERE

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