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Good Morning Yall,

Its Monday, and this week is going to be the last super busy week until the September (I hope). I NEED A BREAK! I want to go back to blogging and stuff. I am in the process of editing "May Vlog" on YOUTUBE. Make sure you are subscribed to my YOUTUBE channel. 

About the picture above, isnt she CUTE? She is too adorable. She is growing to love showers. I filled up the tub little higher this time and guess what???? MY MONKEY POO, started to swim. Her first time swimming! YEY Keyla, YEY Me! 

If you noticed, I changed my blogger name from Stay Young Forever to As Told By Katherine. For many different reasons, such as, numerous people read my blog whom I don't want to read my blog, I wanted something better for user name, I wanted something new and fresh...etc. How do you like it, I LOVE it. 

Anyway, I am going to to walk Keyla now, for our daily walks and then off to the gym. Need to stay healthy!

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