HOW TO: Protect From Germs

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I am not a HUGE germ freak, but I am Type B germ freak. I use hand sanitizer often and I wipe down most of my products I purchase from supermarket (God knows who was touching it and what they had on their hands)

I was watching a YOUTUBE video a while back ago and the she said that she uses WetOnes to wipe down the carts at stores and the bag holder. I though, OMG why didn't I think of it. Think  about it, how many times a day the cart gets used and just think of how many people used it and what they possibly had left of their hands. Not everyone is a clean person that keeps ups with their hygiene, looks can be deceiving.

Anyway, I had two good coupons and I was at Tar-jey (Target), I was pleased to see that they were on sale, plus I had two coupons to combine. WetOnes come in two 3 different packages, I opt for the one which will bring me more value for the money. I obviously wont carry this big container of WetOnes, so I decided to separate them and put them in zip lock bag with a cute pink sign. I love it, they fit great in my small and large purse and I wipe down much more things then I ever did before thanks xoBrunetteBarbie. 

So here it is, I hope you guys try this out.

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