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I would lie to you if I said that I practice the below 5 ways to feel happier now on daily basis! I will say this, I do my best to incorporate it in my daily life when I feel down.  I am a human just like you and i have ups and downs, the older I get the more I realize that in life mostly everything is temporary  especially feelings. Feelings come and go. I hope with this post I get to help you feel better after you finish reading it. Believe in yourself and try at least one way below.

  1. TURN OFF SOCIAL MEDIA- It's funny i make this #1 because, I LIVE practically on social media ( Duh my part time job is youtube and blogging (now)). I network as much as I can online and at times it gets really overwhelming being on social media. You see people living life at this moment better then you. You start to feel down about your life because you can't travel, dress, go to places, look like...etc your followers. You start to questions your relationship with significant other and your friends, family and such. You begin to ask yourself " Why can't I do this, look like her, have what she/he having?" and you are slowly growing self down in a sink hole". STOP---SHUT IT ALL OFF. Start slowly by being offline for few hours and try things I will mention below instead.
  2. SHOWER - Simple as that, take a bath or shower and wash away your feelings and emotions. While doing so imagine that as that water runs away in the drain so do your negative feelings and emotions.
  3. COOK - If you don't know how to, YOUTUBE it and follow the steps that a guru is showing you, it will slowly take your mind off what if hurting you. (Click HERE for easy and fun cooking videos) 
  4. WORK OUT- I didn't say go to the gym! NOPE, I did not. I said work out. It can be anything, dance, do home exercise, clean your home, walk your dog, take a walk outside if weather permits. Do something that involves you to get moving! As you clean your endorphins are being released and make you feel happier. 
  5. CLEAN&DECLUTTER- I saved one of the best TIP for last. Clean your home, declutter to ease your mind. I can speak from personal experience, not only I decluttered a negative human being which lifted about 200 pounds from my life, then after I seriously decluttered basically my whole apartment. ( I still got few to go- Watch my journey HERE) I went basically room by room and I removed a lot of clutter. I feel so much better, I can breath. Its ironic how we can so many things that are materialistic and when we have it over time we become overwhelmed with STUFF and when we get rid of it it feels AMAZING! 
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