How To Have A Great Day 5 Easy & Simple Steps

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Before there is a DAY there is MORNING. I LOVE MORNINGS, but I am not a morning person at all!

This is how I am working on being a morning person.

It’s a known FACT that early mornings set the tone for the rest of the day. I for example have been in the process of mastering few ways I can have a great day.

1.       Wake up EARLY- This is very difficult one for me. I LOVE to sleeeeeep. I however noticed that waking up early has sooo many benefits. I get things done earlier and able to enjoy longer day. It’s like faking that there is more hours in the day.
2.       Make you bed – How many of you heard this when you were growing up. I know I did. I have no idea what it is about making your bed that just sets the right tone for the whole day. I love the satisfaction I get when I come home after a day out and the bed is made.

3.       Take a moment - To appreciate your life. Five minutes is more than enough to just breathe in the fresh air and say your grace.

4.       Eat YOUR Breakfast- Nothing heavy or too light. Moderate breakfast or for me I have a protein shake. Eating your breakfast in the AM starts up your metabolism and gives you boost of energy.

5.       Exercise in the AM- Now I work two jobs and I balance my YOUTUBE & BLOGGING hobbies. I do my best to work out in the AM. I love the feeling of coming to work and your 20% is done already. I does not happen every day, but when I do work out in the AM it makes me feel simple incredible. 

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