I am writing this post because I AM GUILTY of PROCRASTINATING! TO A MAX!

What inspired this post is honestly piles of folders and unsorted paper work I have had on my kitchen table (Follow me on INSTAGRAM to see a visual).

I like to think and believe that I am very organized individual since and I manage my time efficiently, however there are certain things that get PUSHED BACK day after day, month after month until I become frustrated and attend to it.

                                                          (Image taken from google and edited by me)

Below are 5 TIPS I want to share with you how to avoid procrastinating and getting things DONE!

1. Make a list. NOT A TO DO LIST- Make a list of everything that needs to be done for example in the house, car, at work, out and about errands, phone calls which need to be made..etc.

Example: Making a HOME LIST – Go to one part of the house like living room and stand in the middle, take a moment and look around. What needs to be done? What needs to be moved? What needs to be taken out or thrown out?  What needs to be purchased? Then proceed to the next room and room after. Follow these steps at work, car, errands, and phone calls...etc.

2. Make a TO DO LIST- Evaluate your list first.  Make a TO DO LIST, writer down from IMPORTANT to LEAST IMPORTANT things which need to be done.  SIMPLE as that.

3. Sort Tasks Out/LESS IS MORE- Take you planner you use or print out a weekly schedule on paper and sort out your TO DO LIST. Go easy with adding thing’s for your daily TO DO. The less you put each day the more motivated you will be to ACTUALLY DO IT!

4. Order Of Business- I don’t believe that you have to do what is most difficult first to move it out the way. My motto is; go in order of time.  Something that is hard can take less time then something that is easy. Evaluate your time and what fits that day and do accordingly.

5. Use RED Marker- Use Red Marker to cross out each things you completed! It gives your brain sense of satisfaction especially a bright red color and it motivates you to want to do the next task.

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